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Paula Daves, owner of PhD, leds a mission trip each summer to Beius, Romania to work with the children, teaching English and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music.  She, along with her family, started the the ministry of Another Day Under the Son Missions Music Camp four years ago when they began working with the Romanian Evangelistic Medical Missions(REMM).  More info on the Another Day Under the Son mission trips to Romania click here

Casa Josef is the orphanage where we conduct the music camp.  There are still 8 girls at Casa Josef. International adoptions are closed in Romania, so even though these girls have American families who want them, they are unable to be adopted.  The ministry needs donations for their care, which totals to about $600 per child/per month.  If you are looking for a ministry this Christmas to donate to financially...I ask you to consider REMM!  I love each one of these girls!  They are so beautiful and God has a plan for their lives.​

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Regal Princess Pageant, July 31 - Aug. 2nd
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